You are not required to undertake any advance preparation for an x-ray.

Upon arriving at Medscan Double Bay, you will be taken to a change room. You will be requested to remove relevant clothing and jewellery and given an examination gown to wear.

All metal objects, such as keys, clips, buttons, coins and mobile phones must be removed from the area being imaged.

You will be positioned between the x-ray tube and the x-ray cassette and asked to lie down or stand still whilst the x-ray is being taken (this will take less than a second). You may be asked to follow some breathing instructions.

Medscan Double Bay uses the latest digital x-ray equipment providing superior image quality and a lower radiation dose than standard x-ray units.


Some x-ray procedures take a short amount of time and others may take longer depending on the complexity of the examination and the number of x-rays required. X-rays may be taken from several angles so that the doctor can gain as much information as possible.

Female patients who know that they are pregnant or think that they might be pregnant, must advise the radiographer of this upon arrival and before the start of the examination.